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Take our free assessment tool to determine where you are in the planning, prototyping, and production processes of commercialization. When taking the tool, please answer the questions honestly so we can best determine how the Manufacturing Solutions Center or one of its partner organizations can assist you. There are no right or wrong answers, the questions simply allow us to better understand where you are in the business development process.

The assessment works in 3 phases. During the first two phases you will tell us about yourself and answer a couple of questions in your own words about your idea. In the third phase you will answer 15 industry and business related questions that will generate a free detailed visual roadmap of where you are in the commercialization process.

This will provide you with:

After taking the assessment, what is your next step?

After you have completed the free assessment and view/print your free visual roadmap, the cost for our follow-up consultation is only $30.00 if you choose to proceed.You will still have your free visual roadmap even if you choose not to proceed.

Experienced Team of Advisors - At this point, the process of mobilizing resources begins with an experienced coach/advisor. A meeting or call with your coach/advisor will validate your assessment and provide a realistic benchmark to measure future progress. We will assemble an experienced team of advisors who will help you to address the five dimensions of business Concept, Incubating, Prototyping, Market Entry and Growth. You may wish to review the Glossary of Terms before beginning the assessment.

Sample Assessment Chart Results:

Sample Assessment Chart

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